A Report on our November 30th PITCH (now with video!), with Weston Bingham and Richard Welch of EastVillageBoys.com, Cole Escola, Kyle Kupres, Tommy Vallette, Charlie Gaeta, Sam Benjamin, Colby Keller, and hosts Greg Walloch and Mark Allen (w/audience correspondant Karl Jones!), at Dixon Place, NYC!

Cole Escola does a dramatic reading of a pitch that was emailed to EastVillageBoys.com: a poem about James Franco

We were excited to welcome Weston Bingham and Richard Welch — co-editors/creators of the gorgeous, and rather exclusive, avant-gay art blog EastVillageBoys.com — to Pitch! They made quite an impression, proving to be witty, razor-sharp and enthused (did we mention Weston had quite literally arrived off a plane from Russia to the show? добро пожаловать Weston!) Weston’s acidic wisecracks and Richard’s smashing British good looks created a collective, seductive impact on stage. They were there to tell people exactly what they thought! Nice! Also: yow!

Cole Escola reads an email that was submitted (along with a series of penis-nose drawings) to EastVillageBoys.com

The much-buzzed about Cole Escola opened the show with a dramatic reading of some of the best/worst pitches and submissions that Weston and Richard have received at EastVillageBoys.com over the years, while photos of the letters, e-mails and artwork were projected behind him (this was Weston and Richard’s idea…. nice!) Dirty pictures, scary poetry, unintentional folk art, offers to pose nude, offers to do anything, and crazy emailed rants… it’s all a day’s work for gay art blog editors. Cole recited all with dramatic attrition and/or slapstick tragedy. The audience howled. We were happy to see our scribbled illustrations of boys with penis noses we anonymously e-mailed them a year ago made it into this batch of “hilarious” rejects. Haha…ha… *sniff* Cole performed it all in his usual inimitable style. Bravo Cole!

Then it was time for an audience pitch:

Richard Welch and Weston Bingham of EastVillageBoys.com discuss exploring the sealed-up back room of NYC's original Cock bar, with PITCH! host Greg Walloch

Audience pitch #1:

Dear EastVillageBoys.com,

The space that housed the original Cock is still on Avenue A and 12th street. I’m sure the “back room” has been sealed for all eternity, the walls crusted from load after crusted load of now-dried sperm, probably caked into cave-like stalagmites of dried spooge, probably like those dried-resin hallways the aliens made in Alien. Anyway, would you and your team send an exploratory camera crew in there and report, and take some samples? I’m sure it would be fascinating.

Weston’s response: Sure! Sounds good.

Richard’s response: Isn’t that the Table 12 restaurant now?

Weston: Can we go into their kitchen?

Actor Tommy Vallette wows the crowd at PITCH! with readings from his upcoming on-man play "Seeing Color, Hearing Sound"

Actor/playwrite Tommy Vallette was first up, pitching to EeastVillageBoys his upcoming one-man play Seeing Sound, Hearing Color. We’ve seen Tommy on stage over the years, and have known him as a staple of several downtown scenes for eons, but one thing we didn’t know: is that he recently went deaf! His new play is based on his experiences on recently going through all of this. No one knew what to expect. What followed was one of those rare moments at Pitch! where the audience becomes pin-drop quiet, wrapped up in something totally unknown. Tommy slowly unfolded his play’s main character, a weirdly unique, hard-to-pinpoint kind of urban ruffian, lost in new New York City, unable to hear anything, and clinging to his memories of life on the rough streets of the past. Some fascinatingly lurid tales! Tommy’s character comes across as a kind of cross between Lenny Bruce and Joe Dallesandro (especially with Tommy’s ‘new yawk’ accent). Talk about acting! Since Tommy is newly deaf, his partner Darrell Wilson is slowly learning signing (but doesn’t have it perfected quite yet). When it came time for Richard and Weston’s comments, the half-right/wrong signed translations added some unintentional comedy to the evening. But… was it all planned? Clever! Weston and Richard gave two thumbs-up. Keep your eye on Tommy Vallette and his new play! Intense!

Author Sam Benjamin presents his "top ten porn music soundtracks of all time" at PITCH!

Up next was Sam Benjamin. How to describe Mr. Benjamin? He makes quite an impression. Sam is an academic on the studies of aesthetics in pornography, and has a new book out called American Gangbang, based on his experiences working in the Los Angeles porn industry during the 00′s. But instead of a lecture on the semiotics of Cream Pie Boys II, he instead turned the Pitch! stage into a virtual Solid Gold stage (c.1981), performing a “top ten” of some of his favorite porn movie soundtracks, spanning several decades. Sam — quite the looker — half-talked/half-rapped over each track, explaining where it came from, who composed it, what actors we were hearing grunt over it, and drawing cultural reference from the era it come from. Here’s a brief video snippet of Sam’s performance.

Weston and Richard loved it, as did everyone, and wanted to write about Sam right away (oh look, they already did!)

Audience pitch #2:

Our new audience correspondent Karl Jones wanted to record a video for Weston and Richard of EastVillageBoys, and he thought it would be a good idea to interview people on the street, asking them what they “…thought of the current East Village scene?” But instead of doing it on Avenue A and St. Mark’s, he took his camera to the front of  the Guggenheim museum. What do random tourists think of the current East Village scene? (well, okay, and one porn star: Colby Keller, who just happened to be there). Here’s a clip:

And then…

Performance artist Kyle Kupres reads a story he wrote about hustling to the audience at PITCH!

Performance artist Kyle Kupres was next. If you’re around the downtown scene at all, and under-30, you know Kyle’s a kind of glitter-splashed, violin-playing, art gypsy, often performing in costumes, playing his instrument and performing in as-yet-to-be-hip underground spaces. What would he do at Pitch!? He read a straight-up story about an experience he had hustling (and, uh… wow!) Kyle is one of those kinda-annoying people who is a “10″ in all departments, including the talent department. His piece was well-written, fresh, and basically edited and ready for print. Well done! Weston and Richard thought it would be good as-is, accompanied by some photos of the very crush-worth Kyle. Everyone agreed.

Kyle Kupres listens to feedback from EastVillageBoys.com editors Weston Bingham and Richard Welch, at PITCH!

Did we mention how crush-worthy Kyle is? We did? Well, he is.

Audience pitch #3:

Dear EastVillageBoys,

Please interview Dianne Brill. Thank you.

Weston’s one-word response: Why?

Richard’s response: Who’s Dianne Brill?

(a discussion of Dianne Brill broke out amongst the audience for a few minutes)

Writer and comedian Charlie Gaeta relays a story about his father coming out as a teen, at PITCH!

Stand-up genius, performer-all-over-town and contributing writer for Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” Charlie Gaeta was next. Yay! Charlie told a hilarious, slapstick, awkward story about how his dad came out of the closet when Charlie was just a teenager (all true), and the audience ate it up. Well… not everyone. It turns out Weston and Richard from EastVillageBoys really didn’t like the content of Charlie’s story, and they let him know it, in front of everyone. Things got…

Charlie Gaeta performs at PITCH!

…a little tense. Charlie’s story was first-rate (the audience howled through it all), but the EastVillageBoys editors felt the piece’s content was homophobic, and only focused on the feelings of teenage Charlie and not his father’s (Charlie is straight). But was it? The audience seemed divided too. Most there felt it was fine, and funny (and Pitch! is a pretty gay crowd!), but some did agree with Weston and Charlie’s criticism. End result: Charie’s piece was first rate, the audience loved it, but Weston and Richard had issues with the content, and they let him know why (and some of the audience agreed with this point), but thanked him for his time and talent anyway. Charlie took the criticism like a pro! Bravo to Charlie for pushing people’s buttons! Also, bravo to Weston and Richard for speaking their minds (they are real editors!) This kind of intense “ouch-y” candor happens at editor’s desks and such all day long in New York City, behind closed doors. At Pitch!, you see it live on stage. Welcome to Pitch! everyone!

Welcome to PITCH!

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Next PITCH! Wednesday, November 30th! Charlie Gaeta! Sam Benjamin! Kyle Kupres! Tommy Vallette! …and special guest Editors: Weston Bingham & Richard Welch, Co-Editors & Creators of EastVillageBoys.com! (with special guest Cole Escola) The Lounge @ Dixon Place! NYC! Hosted by Greg Walloch and Mark Allen (and new audience correspondent Karl Jones)!

The old saying “If you can remember the East Village, you weren’t there!” will be proven wrong at November 30th’s Pitch!, as we welcome esteemed writers and performers  Charlie Gaeta (sex diarist for New York magazine, contributing writer Saturday Night Live ‘Weekend Update’), Sam Benjamin (author of American Gangbang: A Love Story and Confessions of An Ivy League Pornographer), Kyle Kupres (violinist and performer Old Queen and the Sea, PussyFaggot) and Tommy Vallette (actor If, LOW, playwrite Learning to Listen [or Seeing Sound]) …all going up against Weston Bingham & Richard Welch (Co-Creators and Co-Editors at EastVillageBoys.com), who’ll be responding to performer and audience pitches, as well as bringing their very special guest Cole Escola to “perform” some of the most questionable submissions EastVillageBoys.com have received over the last year. Nuts? Nuts to the power of infi-ninny!

Come for the insanity, stay for the networking! Live video! Auditions! True Confessions! Gays! Straights! Non-committals! …oh, and writers! AUDIENCE PITCHES ARE WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED! Come get in line! Hosted by Greg Walloch and Mark Allen… and our fantastic new audience correspondent Karl Jones!

Pitch! happens at The Lounge @ Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie Street, 9:30 PM. Ticket price: $7. No drink minimum. Showtime: about 90 minutes.


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Attention “Post-Everything Gays!” Pitch Something!

Do you remember when The Cock was a dump? Do you even know what that means? Ever used “irony” as a noun, or “pos-post-modernism” as a verb while describing trans facial hair? Ever owned at Keffiyeh scarf? Do you consider Fluxus, Mattachine Society, jockstraps and Electro Pop all on the same cultural playing field? Then you’ve probably lived in the East Village at some point. If you’re the kind of fag who considers font choice more important than pecs, then you should come to PITCH! (the show where people pitch things to editors in front of an audience) this Wednesday, November 30th and pitch an idea to Weston Bingham and Richard Welch of EastVillageBoys.com. Pitch them an article idea! Or your weird artwork! Or pitch yourself (they love photographing boys in their underwear! send us photos!) or you can EMAIL A PITCH TO US, and we’ll do the schmoozing for you! Live on stage @ The Lounge @ Dixon Place, NYC!!

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PITCH! ¡En español! Wednesday, October 26th! The Lounge @ Dixon Place! With performers Marga Gómez!, Blanca Dominguez! Karl Swinehart! …and special guest editor Erik Riesenberg, Editorial Director of CA Press/Penguin Group! Hosted by Greg Walloch, Mark Allen, and special guest host Karl Jones!

This month we’re proud to announce a Spanish-themed edition of Pitch!, the show where performers and audience members pitch ideas to publishing industry editors…live on stage! ¡En español! This month, our featured editor is Erik Riesenberg, Editorial Director of CA Press at Penguin Group (specializing in Spanish and bilingual titles on topics ranging from current events, astrology, self-help, cooking and novels for both adults and young readers). Performers include the exciting Marga Gómez (Long Island Iced Latina, The Public Theater, PS122), the sizzling Blanca Dominguez (White Blonde, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Stand Up NY), and renowned writer Karl Swinehart (Journal of Linguistic Anthropology and Language & Communication)…and YOU! Audience pitches are encouraged! Do you have a Spanish title you’d like published by CA Press/Spanish group? Now’s your chance! Come see some fantastic performers, and come show Erik Riesenberg of Penguin your ideas …at our all-Spanish Pitch! this October 26th! With your hosts Greg Walloch, Mark Allen and special guest host Karl Jones! Wednesday, October 26th! The Lounge @ Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie Street, NYC, 9:30PM! Only $7! (no drink minimum).

Pitch!, el programa donde los participantes y miembros de la audiencia someten ideas a redactores de la industria editorial….¡en vivo! ¡En español! Este mes, nuestro redactor invitado es Erik Riesenberg director de la editorial CA Press, de Penguin Group (titulos bilingues y en español en todo tema de actualidad, astrología, cocina, y ficción para adultos y jóvenes). Los participantes incluyen la comediante Marga Gómez (Long Island Iced Latina, The Public Theater, PS 122), a Blanca Dominguez (White Blonde, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Stand Up NY), y el distinguido escritor Karl Swinehart (Journal of Linguistic Anthropology and Language & Communication) y USTED. Contribuciones del público serán bienvenidas. ¿Tiene usted un título en español que quisiera publicar a través de CA Press? ¡Esta es su oportunidad! Venga a disfrutar de fantásticas actuaciones y presente a Erik Riesenberg sus ideas…en nuestro Pitch! en español. Este 26 de Octubre. Con sus anfitriones Greg Walloch, Mark Allen, e invitado especial Karl Jones.

Miércoles 26 de octubre
The Lounge @ Dixon Place
161 Chrystie Street NYC
9:30 PM $7 (no hay mínimo en bebidas)

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A report from our Wednesday, September 28th PITCH! With Adam Wade! Nora Burns! Brandon Wetherbee! Greg Walloch! Mark Allen! And special guest Editor: Brian Moylan of Gawker!

Brian Moylan of Gawker Media listens to Nora Burns talk about dog owners, kid owners, and old NYC vs. new NYC...

Our Host: Brian Moylan of Gawker Media
Having someone from Gawker appear at Pitch! was a little like having that cooler, smarter, good lookinger-than-you high school friend that eventually moved to the big city and became successful and kind of famous while you stayed in your home town and worked for your dad’s feed company… attend your birthday party back home. You both know it’s a little awkward, but the truth is: you’re so totally excited to see them! We were so totally excited to see Brian Moylan of Gawker! Since you’ve obviously read Brian’s posts on Gawker, you know he’s crisp, funny, on-point and has a slant on everything. He wouldn’t shut up from the moment he hit the stage! We were so excited!

Brandon Wetherbee comes out swinging...

Brandon Wetherbee vs. Gawker: “gay fat” vs. “straight fat”
First up was Washington DC podcast talk show host Brandon Wetherbee. Boy did Brian Moylan have a slant on Brandon! Brandon has a confrontational approach to interviewing (or in this case, pitching), and he’s damn funny! Brandon started off asking Brian why Gawker didn’t write about local people more, and/or specifically why Gawker didn’t write about him. Brian pointed out that Gawker used to sometimes make celebutantes out of local types, but that they generally don’t do that anymore. He brought up Julia Allison as an example — remember her?

That lead to a discussion of being “fat.” Brian believes gay rules are far stricter for waistline judging. This started the “gay fat” vs. “straight fat” wars between Brian and Brandon. Brandon asked where his appearance fell on the “gay fat” scale. Brian claimed he was “gay rag on a stick fat” (Brandon looks rather slim to us!) and then, for balance, offered that he himself was “gay off the scale so don’t even ask fat” (Brian’s actually rather tall and skinny). Huh? Brian claims the gay rules are different from straight rules for judging everything.

Mid-argument, Brian Moylan pressed Brandon on his long term goals. “Where do you want to see yourself in five years?” (five gay years?) Brandon Wetherbee said that his goal was his own television talk show. He then proved this by arguing with Brian for twenty more minutes (and staying funny!) This guy likes to push people’s buttons, which, you know… we kinda think is a good trait to have if you’re a talk show host. And Brian Moylan proved unflappable, which, you know… we kinda think is a good trait to have if you’re part of Gawker. Yay everyone!

...Brian Moylan prepares to swing back!

Nora Burns vs. Gawker: kid’s parents and dog owners (boo!), murders (yay!)

Next up was Nora Burns (at left). We’ve seen her as an actress in movies, and as part of ensembles (one is the excellent comedy troupe Unitard, with Mike Albo and David Ilku), but we’ve never seen Nora alone on the mic. Guess what, she’s amazeballs! “I hate kids, but I have some myself. So I now realize I just hate kids’ parents.” Nora revealed at one point, to cheers from the crowd. Brian Moylan bonded with her on this. Then Nora pitched a similar like/dislike essay about NYC dog owners.

She also pitched to Gawker a side-by-side photo essay of former NYC haunts like, say, the legendary gay sex club The Mineshaft, next to what they are now (FYI: it’s a breezy outdoor cafe… with a front-row view of the High Line!) Brian liked it all!

Then Nora complained that there aren’t enough scandalous local crimes happening in NYC anymore, using the infamously grisly 1985 Andrew Crispo Art Gallery murder (and it’s subsequent Vanity Fair article, and book Box of Toys) as example. It’s true. Did 9/11 wipe out all potential future “haut monde” bloodbaths for NYC? Brian and Nora bonded over this disappointing fact. Brian said he thought the Michael Alig murder (which happened 16 years ago) might ignite another wave of Manhattan glam-scandals, but… here we are in sunnier, healthier, post-9/11 Mall-hattan. Lets get on-the-ball you rich, bored, society people bent on revenge and/or sexual obsession… start a-slashin’! We’re bored! Lots revealed here between Brian and Nora. Good work!

Adam Wade takes it to another level, at PITCH!

Adam Wade vs. Gawker: Intense!
If you haven’t seen Adam Wade yet, we recommend it. Can we say, uh, wow? He’s one of those ineffably magic people. Very New York. Remember Woody Allen in Manhattan/Take the Money and Run/Annie Hall? That’s kinda similar to Adam Wade… except from the future. We know that is said a lot, but it fits here. The guy is a 17-time Moth Story Slam winner (and was an ESPN commentator). Adam told a story based on a weird teenage memory from one of his first jobs in New York City, as a bus boy at a hang-out for fading Broadway types. In the story, he tried to spontaneously give a surprise birthday party cake to particularly gruff and unhappy hasbeen, and ended up getting yelled at by everyone but the hasbeen.

The tale had a sort of aspic-colored, sloooww burn. By the end, the whole room had kind transformed. Nice! He even got Brian Moylan to shut up for a whole fifteen minutes! (kidding Brian, we lurve you!) Pay attention to this Adam Wade guy…he’s going places.

What a pose! Brian Moylan is enraptured by Adam Wade, at PITCH!

Mark Allen pitches anagrams of Gawker Media urls, at PITCH!

Mark Allen vs. Gawker: Is Mark crazy?
Pitch’s own Mark Allen presented a looong series of anagrams of Gawker Media and related website URLs, exampled with boards and pointers and examples.

For instance, did you know an anagram of “http:www.NYTimes.com/pages/fashion” = “A Few Nymphs With Competition Swag?” or “A Few Panseys Comitt Shoping, *m-m-pwwah!*”

Or that an anagram of non-freelance paying scandal website “http://www.HuffingtonPost.com” =”Huf Ppost con? G, nno shit! F.T.W.W.W.!”

Or that an anagram of the name Nick Denton = Nick Tendon (or Net Conn-Kid, or Net Non-Dick)?

Lifehacker.com = Email For Check
Defamer.com = Modem Farce
Jalopnick.com = Jock Loin Map
http:www.Gizmodo.com = C Pig Top Mothozz
http://www.Jezebel.com = Jew Temp Woz Belch-E!
http://Io9.com = Hot Topic
http://www.Fleshbot.com = Hef-T Womb Splotch!

There were lots and lots more! The crowd laughed, and liked… about half of it? But then at one point didn’t quite know what to make of it? Maybe? Anyway, Mark soldiered on like a trooper during all the parts where the audience was awkwardly quiet, covering any and all Gawker related sites. It was the type of thing you’d normally see a crazy person with a hand-drawn cardboard sign ranting about while sitting outside of Grand Central… brought proudly to the Dixon Place stage by Mark! Well, Brian Moylan liked it!

Mark's presentation got little...out there! (photo: Les Simpson)

Greg Walloch vs. Gawker: This biggest penis dish of all?
Pitch’s own Greg Walloch had the audience howling, pitching to Gawker a story about how one time on a film set, actor Stephen Baldwin straddled Greg’s leg, opened his pants and flopped his penis onto Greg’s thigh, prompting him to touch it. Pretty gross interesting! Especially considering Stephen’s later Christian/anti-gay reformation. Greg had his own theories as to why it happened (it did occur before Stephen’s ‘transformation,’ and reportedly he did that to several actors on set). Brian Moylan made a mental note.

No Photoshop was used to enhance this photo of the audience, at PITCH!

Thanks to our excellent performers Brandon Wetherbee, Nora Burns, Adam Wade, and a special thanks to our guest editor Brian Moylan of Gawker Media!!! And the audience!!!

Mark & Greg

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Next PITCH! Wednesday, September 28th! Adam Wade! Nora Burns! Brandon Wetherbee! …and special guest Editor: Brian Moylan of Gawker.com! Lounge @ Dixon Place! Hosted by Greg Walloch and Mark Allen!

Wednesday, September 28th, PITCH! will proudly present consummate storyteller Adam Wade (ESPN, Moth-Slam Champion, The Adam Wade from NH Show), the lovely and talented Nora Burns (Unitard, Screening Room, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist), famed talk-show host Brandon Wetherbee (You, Me, Them, Everybody, Brightest Young Things, Washington City Paper) …and SURPRISE GUESTS …all pitting their best ideas against special guest Editor, Brian Moylan of Gawker! Come see some great stories and stand-up, and some great ideas thrown at the notorious Gawker.com! AUDIENCE PITCHES ARE WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED! Come get in line! Come witness the madness! This may be the most scandal-worthy PITCH! yet! Hosted by Greg Walloch and Mark Allen!

Pitch! happens at The Lounge @ Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie Street, 9:30 PM. Ticket price: $7. No drink minimum. Showtime: about 90 minutes.


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Pitch! August 31st! Allison Castillo! Shawn Hollenbach! Rena Zager! …and John Russell of Essential Homme magazine!

Pitch! August 31st!

We’re fashionably late announcing this months Pitch! for good reason…it’s all about the male fashion world! Features Editor of Essential Homme magazine (and local gadfly) John Russell takes the seat at our editor’s desk, ready to rate the clothes of, and hear pitches from, the likes of Allison Castillo (Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, author of The Score: The Ultimate Quiz to Test Who He Is), Shawn Hollenbach (Here! TV’s Hot Gay Comics, Brunch at Night at Stand Up NY), Rena Zager (Comedy Central, Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad) …and you! Audience pitches are encouraged! Have something you want to pitch to Essential Homme? Want to be a male model? Get on that water and lettuce leaf diet, get to the gym, gather your portfolio of tear sheets …and come show John Russell what you’ve got …as you gosee Pitch! this August 31st! MC’d by your well-dressed(?) hosts Greg Walloch and Mark Allen! Wednesday August 31st! The Lounge @ Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie Street, NYC (map it), 9:30PM! Only $7! (no drink minimum). Come find out who makes the best-dressed list, and who doesn’t!

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Are you coming to PITCH! on August 31st? Are you an aspiring male model?

Are you coming to PITCH! on August 31st? Are you an aspiring male model? Do you think you have what it takes to make it into the pages of Essential Homme magazine? Well, get on that water and lettuce leaf diet, get thee to the gym, gather your portfolio of tear sheets …and come gosee John Russell, Features Editor of Essential Homme, at Pitch! He (and the audience) will let you know if you’ve got what it takes! Or, if you’d prefer, email us some photos or a pitch for Essential Homme (email Mark Allen or Greg Walloch).

Please show up with the following:
1. Stats: height, weight, hair color, eye color, waist size, wrist size, thigh size, shoe size, I.Q.
2. A list of your favorite designers.
3. Your model card, with contact info.

We’ll be showing you and/or your photos off to John Russell of Essential Homme, and our audience, at “Pitch!” on August 31st! Are you ready to be on the runway?

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A report on our July 27th PITCH! With David Crabb! Gregory Nalbone! Karl Marxxx! Nathan Phillips! Sarah Small! Sydney Etienne, Randy Jones …and Daniel Nardicio of Playgirl magazine!

Karl Marxxx takes it off at Pitch!

Karl Marxxx shows off his half-shaved body to Daniel Nardicio of Playgirl, and the audience, at "Pitch!"

Penis! …oops, we mean Pitch!, is growing by leaps and bounds… though judging by our July 27th show you might say it’s grown by ten inches!

Our esteemed editor/host of the night was NYC man-about-town and Playgirl head honcho Daniel Nardicio. Hosts Greg Walloch and Mark Allen knew that Daniel could very well steal the show, as he’s a man of many talents. But he floored the audience with stories about Playgirl‘s history, landing Levi Johnston in the mag (and some other political and non-political celebs he said no to…we won’t name names), his recent turn on the wacky Bravo reality show The A-List, his Fire Island Share For Wayward Boys community outreach program, his notorious Sh*t Show, and other quick witticisms and wacky asides. We know you organize parties and look at audition photos of naked guys all day long Daniel… but you belong on the mic!

Sarah Small and Sydney Etienne discuss Playgirl at "Pitch!"

Photographer Sarah Small and model Sydney Etienne discuss a shoot they did for Playgirl at "Pitch!"

Up first were two special guests, the lovely and talented photographer Sarah Small and photographer/studly-model Sydney Etienne. The two discussed a shoot Sarah did for Playgirl years ago, where Sydney was the model. They even brought copies of the magazine to pass around! Of course, a true test of any performer’s talent is passing out pictures of naked guys for the audience to gawk at before you speak, and then still commanding their attention from the stage… and Sarah and Sydney pulled it off, sharing warm/awkward moments from the afternoon they did the shoot. Then Daniel Nardicio and Sarah dished a bit about different people that have been working at Playgirl since Daniel came on board. Sarah Small should know what she’s talking about, as the creator of the much-ballyhooed “Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions” photo art piece (that Sydney participated in).

David Crabb at "Pitch!"

David Crabb does a selection from his upcoming one-man-show "Bad Kid" at "Pitch!" (click to enlarge)

Next up was the man lots of people are talking about: performer David Crabb! David shared a piece from his upcoming one man show Bad Kid, which involved working in a store as a teen where a (male) kid once tried to steal a copy of Playgirl, and got confronted by his mother in front of everyone in the shop after getting caught. Scary! Also, not the ending we would have predicted! We can see why David is a Moth Story Slam multiple winner, among many other things… his no-frills presentation relied on his delivery alone. Gripping! Funny! Daniel Nardicio was moved…everybody was! A name to watch! Thanks David!

Gregory Nalbone at "Pitch!"

Gregory Nalbone serves it up and out (and on his abs) Italian-style at "Pitch!" (click to enlarge)

Ex-model/go go boy and current star crooner Gregory Nalbone happened next. What a stage show! Gregory brought highlights from his modeling career to project on his abs… uh, we mean behind him on the wall, as he told a rather Jersey Shore-esque tale about how Playgirl magazine helped him realize his true sexuality while growing up in a very, very Italian part of New Jersey. Not only was the visual presentation stunning, but Gregory’s funny/dramatic racconto had people howling (and some of the women in the audience squirming!) Gregory even cried real tears at one point! Wow! Bellissimo Gregory!

Then out of nowhere Randy Jones from the original Village People suddenly made an impromptu appearance at Pitch! (Daniel Nardicio was able to call him, book him, and have his show up on cue…all from his editor’s desk on stage within minutes! we told you: talented!) Randy was a scream as always, and graphically shared his experience posing for Playgirl many years ago. There was so much screaming and drink slinging from the stage during this brief moment of chaos that we forgot to take any photos. Whoops! Well, the audience went nuts for him! Thanks Randy!

Karl Marxxx at "Pitch!"

Performance artist Karl Marxxx at takes it off for Daniel Nardicio of Playgirl, and the audience, at "Pitch!" (click to enlarge)

Performance artist Karl Marxxx was up next. Never one to go halfway in his conceptual art…well, you be the judge: Karl first impressed Daniel Nardicio with a numbered list of seven straight-up pitches for the pages of Playgirl. There were some great ideas for photo spreads, columns and conceptual stunts for the magazine (we won’t give them away…but we will say Daniel was impressed). The last idea of Karl’s involved a hairy/non-hairy male compare and contrast spread, which Karl said he’d be happy to model (he does have a rockin’ bod) as he’d showed up for the show with exactly half of his body shaved…right down the line! Everybody gasped as he disrobed. Later, after the show at a local San Loco, Karl showed some of us that had gathered that he indeed did shave all of his body halfway (the Lower East Side: where you can get cheap Mexican food at 1AM, and see a guy showing his half-shaved penis to everyone, and no one bats an eye…we love NYC!) Thanks for bringing it Karl! Dazzling!

Karl Marxxx at "Pitch!"

Karl Marxxx displays his half-shaved (all of it) body at "Pitch!" (click to enlarge)

Thennnnn… it was time to show everyone the audience audition photos for Playgirl that various guys had emailed to us for Daniel’s approval (or not). This was definitely the highlight/lowlight climax of the show. The audience alternately howled, catcalled and cringed (a few people left!) as we projected each potential model, in all their glory, on the wall and read their turn-ons and turn-offs out loud. Dixon Place was uh, okay with us doing this…we think. A few of the submissions were legit from great-looking guys (thanks guys! Daniel has your contact info) but some were howlers, intentional or not, and some were just straight up bizarre. Everyone screamed but then later told us they loved it. Thanks to Casey, LeNair, Lambert, Daniel, John, Patrick, Rick, Rudolf, Soren, Franklin, Ray, Ralph, Tony and The Reverant Reverand Pastor Leader Minister & Founder Steve Sandberg of Church of the Ass for your submissions! We hope to see you in Playgirl‘s pages! (or maybe not!)

Nathan Phillips at "Pitch!"

Nathan Phillips wows the crowd by reading from his iPad a Daniel Nardicio-themed story he wrote a mere hour before hitting the stage, at "Pitch!" (click to enlarge)

Super-pro Nathan Phillips was up next. Nathan is a funny guy and quite the looker (Daniel said so right away!) and chose to read a piece he’s written about Daniel Nardicio on his iPad just an hour before the show started! (oh yeah, isn’t this event supposed to be about writing?) It was categorically the funniest piece all night. Not only did Nathan get the unofficial “winner” choice from Daniel, but he had to leave right away as he was being whisked off to perform at the Edinburgh Festival 2011 in Scotland. Thanks Nathan! Bon Voyage!

Thanks to all our performers: David Crabb, Gregory Nalbone, Karl Marxxx, Nathan Phillips, Sarah Small, Sydney Ettienne and Randy Jones, who all “went there,” and to our witty and talented editor Daniel Nardicio of Playgirl. And to all the guys who submitted audience audition pics! And most of all thanks to our dirty, dirty, dirty audience…you guys and gals rock!!!

See you next month, for a very fashionable “Pitch!”

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Are you coming to PITCH! on July 27th? Do you think you have what it takes to make it into the pages of Playgirl magazine? Email us your photo!

Pitch Playgirl submissions

Are you coming to PITCH! on July 27th? Do you consider yourself a sex GOD? Or not? Do you think you have what it takes to make it into the pages of Playgirl magazine? Wanna give it a try? Email Mark Allen or Greg Walloch your audition photo …of any kind! (click names for individual emails) Show us everything, or just tease us a little. We’ll be showing these photos to Daniel Nardicio of Playgirl magazine, and our audience, at “Pitch!” on July 27th! Please provide the following along with your photo:

1. Your name (or stage name?)

2. What are your turn-ons?

3. What are your turn-offs?

Are you ready to be in the pages of Playgirl? Don’t be shy, this is your big break! See you thereMR. FANTASY!


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