Attention “Post-Everything Gays!” Pitch Something!

Do you remember when The Cock was a dump? Do you even know what that means? Ever used “irony” as a noun, or “pos-post-modernism” as a verb while describing trans facial hair? Ever owned at Keffiyeh scarf? Do you consider Fluxus, Mattachine Society, jockstraps and Electro Pop all on the same cultural playing field? Then you’ve probably lived in the East Village at some point. If you’re the kind of fag who considers font choice more important than pecs, then you should come to PITCH! (the show where people pitch things to editors in front of an audience) this Wednesday, November 30th and pitch an idea to Weston Bingham and Richard Welch of Pitch them an article idea! Or your weird artwork! Or pitch yourself (they love photographing boys in their underwear! send us photos!) or you can EMAIL A PITCH TO US, and we’ll do the schmoozing for you! Live on stage @ The Lounge @ Dixon Place, NYC!!

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